Founding Partner and President of Magnalex Abogados. Attorney and Notary Public. University of Costa Rica Faculty of Law, Member of the Bar Association of Costa Rica and the National Notary Directorate.

He has extensive professional, doctrinal and academic experience. As attorney, counsel and expert consultant, he has demonstrated a profound commitment to the responsible analysis of each process, with the highest ethical standards, discipline, knowledge, strict order, transparency, compliance and commitment, and the best possible defense of client interests.

Relying on his scholarly qualifications and his successful professional career, he has nurtured the firm’s strategic plan. The firm he presides strives, at the hands of a qualified team of professionals, to confirm that Costa Rica is a reliable investment location.

He has excelled as an agent of change in sensitive issues, such as the case of the Pension and Retirement Administration of the National Teacher’s Board (Junta de Pensiones y Jubilaciones del Magisterio Nacional), where he succeeded in creating a competent organizational structure for the Pension Administration, managing high-level training with Mexico’s IIG. As a result, the retirement issue in Costa Rica has a more scientific and formal approach.

In addition, he made other significant contributions, such as the structuring of educator pension budgets, and the equitable leveling of educators with long track records. He validated statutory criteria for the Board of Directors and managed the pension issue with high-end models such as Chile and Argentina.

From 1983 to date, he has been active in the exponential growth of the National Cooperative of Educators, providing legal advice in all affairs of the cooperative. His specialty in Cooperative Law allowed him to be part of high-level teams in countries like Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, United States, Canada, Panama, and Colombia, among others.

As Legal Counsel for the Life Insurance Association of the National Teacher’s Board (Sociedad de Seguros de Vida del Magisterio Nacional), he was part of the team that managed the transition from a mutual company model to a commercial insurance company model. He succeeded in consolidating the change in organizational culture, which benefited the credibility of the company and its positioning as an excellent choice among insurance companies before all entities of the Board.

He has received insurance training from leading entities in countries like Puerto Rico and Colombia, among others.

Given his deep knowledge and experience, he has participated as lecturer and speaker at many national and international forums in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and United States, among others.

  • Master in Business Law. Master in Tax Law.
  • Postgraduate degree, “Legal Issues of International Business,” Georgetown University, Law Center Washington DC, USA – INCAE Business School.
  • Graduate of the Advanced Management Program at INCAE Business School.
  • Graduate of Common Law Studies, Georgetown University, Law Center Washington DC, USA – INCAE Business School
  • Graduate of Georgetown University, Law Center Washington DC, USA – INCAE Business School.
  • Strategy of fusions and acquisitions, INCAE BUSINESS SCHOOL
  • High Management Program for Lawyers, Yale University, School of Management—Law School, New Haven, Conn, USA
  • He has taken several specialized courses for Attorneys on International Trade Law – North American Free Trade Agreement and Free Trade Agreement for the Americas at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

His many publications include:

  • “The International Sale of Goods” (“La compraventa internacional de mercaderias”) – Course on International Trade Law. Master in Business Law. ULACIT.
  • “The World Trade Organization” (“La organización mundial del comercio”) – Course on Customs Law I. Master in Tax Law. ULACIT.
  • “The tariff” (“El arancel”) – Tax Update Seminar. Master in Tax Law. ULACIT.
  • La ley Reguladora del Mercado de Valores.
  • “Essay on the book Hacia adonde van las aduanas” – Course on Customs Law I. Master in Tax Law. ULACIT.
  • Academic Abstracts on the Public Treasury.
  • “Assessment of Costa Rica’s trade policy” (“Evaluación de la política comercial costarricense”) Course on the Legal Regime of International Trade. Master in Business Law. ULACIT.

Bilingual: Spanish – English.